Hillary and Arizona

The Arizona primary was a catastrophe for democracy. Why you may ask and the answer might surprise you, it was rigged by Hillary Clinton. Now hear me out before just closing the tab, there is plenty of proof to support this statement.For example thousands of people who had voted democratic in the past suddenly found out that they were actually registered as Republican or Independent and were turned away. For example Heavy.com states that “One of the more disturbing stories came from a Redditor whose fiancee couldn’t vote. (You can read the story here.) They both registered Democrat on the same day and got their voter identification cards on the same day. They showed up to vote in Maricopa County with all the paperwork they needed. He was able to vote but his fiancee was refused a real ballot and told she was Independent. As she dropped in her provisional ballot, one person working at the polling station said, “We’ll see if this is even counted.” They finally got hold of the Secretary of State and were told that she was, indeed, registered as a Democrat the whole time.” If you want even more proof that Hillary cheated in Arizona then take the fact that hundreds of people were still waiting to vote after she had been declared the winner. That means that thousands of people who could have voted weren’t allowed to. Even more proof that it was rigged is the fact that voting places in Arizona ran out of ballots. Another example of this incompetence is the fact that in Maricopa county in  2012 they had 200 voting places. In 2016 they had only 60 with exponentially more voters. Either Helen Purcell is so incompetent at her job that it looks like rigging it or she is actually rigging it. Both explanations could work but the nail in the coffin for her is that anyone with common sense would keep the number of polling stations at the same number in the least. Furthermore the rigger Helen Purcell when informed about the conditions that people had to wait hours to vote blames the voters? What? Well at least she had the decency to make a bad excuse but still. Well, you may say, how come the majority of people who report bad conditions are Bernie supporters? Well my response would be that since she won her supporters are keeping mum. In conclusion the Arizona primary was a debacle and a showcase of how much Hillary really cares for democracy.

Hillary and Arizona

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