How to Solve the IS Issue



The situation in the Middle East has degraded even further with the Islamic State launching multiple attacks including the horrible Paris and Beirut attacks and the downing of a Russian airliner. Almost unanimously the world agrees that something must be done but the international community can’t agree how to go along doing it. Russia has stepped up airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria and British Prime Minister David Cameron is urging the parliament to approve airstrikes against ISIS. However multiple Republican Candidates including Donald Trump and Ben Carson want to either land ground troops to combat ISIS or bomb every single inch that ISIS controls. Now Donald Trump and his most of his republican comrades are idiots but we must keep a clearer head and learn from past mistakes. In Vietnam we intervened and left the country devastated and the communists in charge as well as killing 2.5 million civilians. In Afghanistan the Soviet Union experienced what we did in Vietnam. They were unable to fully eradicate the Mujahideen and left the country destabilised. The warlords then started a brutal civil war that left the Taliban in control of the country. In Iraq in 2003 we went in for no reason and now the Islamic State is now in control of huge swaths of the country. Instead of having another debacle like Iraq we should help the countries in the region to fix the mistakes that led to the rise of ISIS. The Iraqi government must create a stable government that doesn’t repress the Sunni minority. This would allow the Iraqi security forces to fight ISIS effectively without relying on the help of iranian shia militias. The oppression done by the shiite majority made it so the iraqi army’s morale was extremely low. We must also educate people so that racism and bigotry against the muslim community that will alienate them won’t happen as well as not electing Donald Trump as our new president.


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How to Solve the IS Issue

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